Boylan: I Need To Get Out There And Put On A Performance

By Andrew McCart (@Andy_FCBoxing)

Ricky Boylan will return to the ring this Thursday night, in a six-round contest against Daza Usher at the famous York Hall.

Boylan has suffered back-to-back defeats. Both for the vacant English light-welterweight title. The Carshalton fighter knows this is a fight he needs to right the wrongs and get back to winning ways.

“I know I need to go out there and put on a performance.” Boylan told FirstClassBoxing. “I need to get back to winning ways, if I want to get back to title level.

“The last training camp was spot on. I made a few major mistakes which cost me dearly and I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Hopefully everyone will see what I’ve been working on in he gym.”

In a recent interview we did with Boylan’s trainer Jamie Moore. Moore stated that Boylan got the weight wrong after the weigh-in for the Tommy Martin fight and entered the ring too heavy. It’s a statement Boylan agrees with.

“100% I agree. With this fight though I’m weighing in on the day and im fighting at 10 stone 10 (141 pounds). Obviously it’s not a championship fight.

“Going back to the Tommy Martin defeat. I put on 18 pounds in 24 hours and I knew when I woke up in the morning, I felt very lethargic and sluggish. That’s what I put it down to. I take nothing away from Tommy, but the mistakes I made cost me dearly. Because our game plan was to have fast feet and to have snap in my shots.”

Although Boylan has suffered back-to-back defeats. Which were both for the English title, the 26-year old still has aspirations on winning that title and a rematch with Tommy Martin.

“I’d still love to win the English title and I’d still love to fight Tommy (Martin) again.

“Anyone who knows me, knows how hard I train, knows the hours I put in and how dedicated I am. Sometimes I train too hard and Jamie is making me realise that. You’ve just got to listen to your body sometimes and I’m learning every single day with Jamie and Nigel (Travis).

“I want it so bad, but I feel I put too much pressure on myself to perform.”

This camp Boylan has been working on a few things up in Manchester and is ready to put them into practice on Thursday night.

“We’ve been working on a few things in the gym. Like being more subtle and not being wide with my shots… Using more head movement and to be more relaxed.

“It’s just a six rounder. So, hopefully you’ll see me nice, relaxed and hopefully coming away with the win.”

Follow us on Twitter @FirstClassBox

Follow us on Twitter @FirstClassBox

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Proudly sponsored by Trident Construction… For all your building needs throughout Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife

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