Broner Calls Out Mayweather: A Set up for Floyd’s 50th Fight?


Broner calls out Mayweather after victory over Theophane

By: Dallas Orysiuk (@Chargers204)

It has been a tough week for Broner…. albeit self-administered. After a bowling alley assault and robbery, warrants were out for his arrest, he was insulted by his role model Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Broner lost his title on the scale. But last night’s fight versus Ashley Theophane turned out exactly how Adrien wanted it to when he finished him via 9th round TKO.

With their brash personalities, Broner and Floyd were bound to have a fall out eventually. The two have been close friends and Broner has frequently referred to Floyd as his “big brother” but it was only a matter of time before their egos got in the way of their friendship. In fact, it was the same thing that happened with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and 50 cent.

The tension had started a few years ago when Broner stated that he wouldn’t want to give Mayweather his first loss. It looked like they were on a path to butt heads, but the issues were resolved with occasional shots fired, but nothing that appeared to grow too serious. But then when there were talks of Adrien Broner fighting TMT member and Mayweather Promotions fighter Ashley Theophane, tensions rose again with Broner taking shots at TMT. The week prior to the fight Broner called Mayweather Promotions “Hateweather Promotions.”

Floyd responded in an interview calling AB “Always Broke,” saying that Adrien “The Problem” Broner had a drinking problem and wondered whether Broner was a “boxing promoter, a rapper, a porn star or a gangster?” He continued to mock Adrien Broner’s “problems” with his two losses to Marcos Maidana and Shawn Porter.

Then following a pretty one-sided beat down of Mayweather’s fighter Ashley Theophane, Broner attempted to jump out of the ring at Floyd. In the post-fight interview, Broner called out Mayweather saying, “Somebody I look up to and somebody I admire talked all bad about me.” Broner continued his emotional speech to say, “I’m a man, at the end of the day, and I come from the streets, from the bottom. I come from nothing, and I will never let a man disrespect me. He got to come see me. We got to get it on.”

And even though the beef may be contrived, it’s a fight that makes sense as it will sell well. It can be billed as “Friends turn enemies.” And according to himself, Broner is the heir to Mayweather’s throne but Floyd has repeatedly thrown shots that Broner will never be as good as him. Broner just called out Mayweather promotions and beat one of his fighters so revenge can be used as a selling point. It would be the perfect fight for Floyd to come out of “retirement” and set the record of going 50-0.

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