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Curtis “Showtime” Stevens Interview

Middleweight fighter, Curtis “Showtime” Stevens, 25-3 (18 KOs) is coming off an impressive first round KO over Saul Roman. Stevens’ highlight reel KO was extremely impressive, leading to clamor for a Curtis Stevens and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin showdown in a battle of two big punchers. But even prior to the fight, Stevens wanted the fight, posting pictures and talking about a matchup between himself and Golovkin (@Showtime_curtis). After the brutal KO of Roman, Stevens wish for a fight with GGG was one step closer. Curtis Stevens continued to call out Golovkin, posting a number of pictures on twitter, including a coffin and various pictures of GGG saying “In loving memory.”

Now with the fight signed for November 2nd, 2013 at the Madison Square Garden Theater in his hometown of New York, First Class Boxing had some questions for a seemingly confident Showtime Curtis as he prepares for the biggest fight of his career.

When asked how he thought the fight would go, Stevens didn’t predict exactly how the fight would go, saying that he is not sure if Golovkin will come out to fight, or he may come out and box:

“Who says Golovkin’s going to come and fight the same style of fight he has been doing with the last couple of fighters he has been fighting. What if he comes in there and starts running? Everybody’s gonna be like what the hell is going on?” (sic)

Showtime Stevens hopes that Golovkin will come to fight him and said:

“If it was up to me Golovkin would come try his moves and get caught in one of the exchanges, and it’s gonna be over. I’m gonna put his two belts or whichever one we fighting for and put it around my waist and say I told you so.” (sic)

When asked about the noise he has been making on twitter and the hype he has been creating, Stevens answered that, he’s having fun, and that the fans love it. Curtis Stevens admitted he is trying to be disrespectful because:

“He is going to come in and knock me out, so yes I’m being disrespectful, yes I want to piss him off, yes I wanna piss Abel Sanchez fat ass off and piss his whole team off, to let them know I mean business.” (sic)

Stevens admitted he is frustrated at the fact that Abel Sanchez has been saying disrespectful things about him, and that he just throws punches. But Stevens responded that he’s a:

“Finisher, and that gets the job done.”

Stevens went on to say:

“I’m going to separate Gennady Golovkin’s senses from his body. Yes I’m being disrespectful and no I’m not trying to get in his mind, I wanna piss him off so he wanna come in and go fight. But when he’s fighting me they may have a different ultimatum, they may box.” (sic)

Curtis Stevens even predicted that Golovkin may run and move around a lot.

When asked about Gennady Golovkin’s trouble securing fights, and that he’s one of the only ones willing to step into the ring with GGG, Stevens compared it to Mike Tyson, except that Golovkin is a middleweight who is fighting “blown up junior middleweights.” Stevens says that for people watching it, it looks impressive, but reiterates that Golovkin is “knocking out 154 pounders.” Stevens believes that the part of the reason for the fear of Golovkin comes from the media, and talks about how the media builds him up, calling him “the most feared middleweight in the world”.

Stevens believes that the media’s hype puts fear into Golovkin’s opponents and believes that the guys who have fought him in the past have lost before the fight has even begun, saying some of them may have “weak minds.” But Stevens insists he is different, “I’m a strong minded person,” and he doesn’t care what the media and fans think:

“Come November 2nd, it’s just gonna be me and him, me him and the referee, and the referee might not be able to save him.”

When asked about his impressive KO over Saul Roman and how he feels at middleweight, Stevens said he feels very strong and comfortable at middleweight, and come November 2nd, he’s going to be stronger than he has ever been, “its game time.”

When asked about the rest of the division, and who he would like to face other than Golovkin, Stevens said that after November 2nd, when he beats Golovkin, he will inherit the title of the most feared middleweight.

Stevens believes Golovkin wants to fight Sergio, but read that Sergio said that Golovkin has to see how he does against Curtis Stevens, so he believes Sergio knows that this will be Golovkin’s toughest test to date. And that he would like to go after Martinez WBC middleweight belt.

Curtis Stevens has fought all of his fights in the USA, but when asked if he would be interested in fighting in the UK or Europe, Stevens displayed his confidence, saying it doesn’t matter where the fight takes place, as long as there’s two people in the ring, he doesn’t care where the fight is, stating the ring is his home and domain:

“It’s only me and him and its game time once again. I wouldn’t care where the fight could be. It could be in the middle of the ocean, it’s just me and him.”

Finally Stevens gave a shout out to the United Kingdom and appreciates all the fans from the UK backing him up on twitter, but he also has a lot of fans out there that don’t like him:

“For all the fans that like me and love me, big shout outs to y’all, thank you.” (sic)


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Edited by Dallas Orysiuk (Chargers204) and Andrew McCart (mccart3204) 

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