Danny Garcia and Terrance Crawford Exchange Words: Could a Fight be Looming?


Terence Crawfors and Danny Garcia exchange words via Twitter

By: Dallas Orysiuk (@Chargers204)

After his biggest win of his career, but a flop on PPV nonetheless, Terrence Crawford, 29-0, 20 KOs, is finally starting to get world class recognition. But with the recognition there will always be haters and controversy.

Almost 2 years ago, Danny Garcia paid Viktor Postol, his mandatory challenger, “step aside” money. Garcia went on to defeat Lamont Peterson in a controversial majority decision, followed with two victories at welterweight against Pauli Malignaggi and Robert Guerrero.

Last month Terrence Crawford defeated Viktor Postol in a boring, yet dominant performance. Following the fight, Angel Garcia, Danny’s father and trainer, called Crawford a “made up champion.”

Terrence Crawford responded via Twitter to say “so I tell you what tell yo dad make the fight and ill show him how much of a paper champ I am at yo weight and for yo belt.” (sic)

Garcia responded by saying “you doing what I did 3 years ago. I ain’t no little gamboa or stiff postol. I end careers check my track record.”

Quick to mention the fact that Garcia’s side stepping of Viktor Postol, Crawford said “ That same stiff guy y’all paid so you didn’t have to fight him, that guy? Look I’m not them old guy you been fighting you know that.”

With the tension of words and social media challenges, one wonders if this fight could be looming around the corner. It would be a good test for both men, and with the trash talking the prefight hype would make this a fight to look forward to. Crawford has looked superb recently and looks like he could easily fight at welterweight. If Crawford could move up and defeat Danny Garcia, his stock would skyrocket and he would be plunged right around the top of the pound 4 pound rankings.

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