Danny Jacobs: “I Have No Idea how it Ends, Whether by Decision or Knockout but I Will be Victorious.”


Daniel Jacobs

By Andrew McCart (@Andy_FCBoxing)

On March 18, Danny Jacobs will face Gennady Golovkin for middleweight supremacy at Madison Square Garden. As usual, Golovkin comes in to this fight as the firm favourite and its not hard to see why. The 34-year old Kazakh has amassed a professional record of 36-0, 33 KO’s and is currently on a 23 fight knockout streak dating back to 2008. It might seem like Jacobs has a huge mountain to climb, but the Brooklyn native has every confidence he will be victorious on the night.

“Gennady [Golovkin] is a great fighter, we’ll have multiple game plans to approach the fight. They can plan ahead or overlook me but I’m coming to be victorious on March 18.” Jacobs said.

“I have no idea how it ends, whether by decision or knockout but I will be victorious.”

For this camp Jacobs has travelled to the other side if the country and has based himself at Virgil Hunter’s gym in Oakland to train alongside guys like Andre Ward and the 30-year old is reaping the benefits.

“Having Andre Ward in camp is terrific. I have a great deal of respect for him, he’s a role model for me, we’ve known each other since the amateurs. I greatly appreciate his support.

“Being around so many world class fighters here at Virgil’s gym helps push me and focus. We have smart sparring sessions, not wars.” Jacobs continued.

“Getting away has been great for me, there’s a lot less distractions in Oakland than if I stayed in Brooklyn.

“It’s the biggest fight of my career so I have to make sacrifices by leaving home and coming here there’s too many distractions in New York, Being away adds to that motivation, it’s a sacrifice missing my 8-year old son, but it makes me know everything is worth it.”

It is well documented that Jacobs was stopped by Dimitry Pirog in 2010 and having been dropped by the light-handed Sergio Mora in 2015, some folk have questioned Jacobs’ chin and whether or not he can with stand the power of Golovkin. However, Jacobs is confident in his own power and is sure any doubt about his chin will be answered on fight night.

“I don’t know how hard he punches, I’ve never faced him but anybody can be hurt and I’m confident in my power that I can hurt him. All question about my chin will be answered on March 18.

“I’ve been down twice in my career but I’m not worried about my chin. He’s a very strong guy but its up to me to prove I’m quicker and better.”

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