FirstClassBoxing 2016 Awards: Knockout of the Year

Andrew McCart (@Andy_FCBoxing)

My 2016 Knockout of the Year was Hassan N’Dam’s destructive knockout of Venezuela’s Alfonso Blanco earlier this month. With just 22 seconds gone in the first round, N’Dam landed a straight right hand flush on the button and Blanco never saw it coming. He fell face first on the canvas and as soon as his body hit the floor his legs started to jerk involuntarily. It was good to see Blanco stand up on his own, but as far as knockouts go, that was the most devastating a kncockout I had seen in 2016.

Knockout of the Year – Hassan N’Dam KO Alfonso Blanco

Jerome Souza (@Jerome510)

My 2016 KO of the Year came on December 10, 2016, in the 5th Round of the IBF Junior Middleweight Championship between two undefeated rising stars, Julian Williams and Jermall Charlo. The odds for this fight were set very close prior to the opening bell and the fight throughout provided solid action from both fighters. In the 5th Round, Williams threw right that was blocked and countered by a devastating uppercut from Charlo which sent Williams crashing to canvas. This was the first of two knockdowns in the round that led to the fight being stopped leading to Charlo being awarded the KO victory. Charlo’s power, speed, and ability to throw (and land) the punch against an undefeated quality opponent in a title fight make it all reasons for it being my 2016 KO of the Year.

Knockout of the Year – Jermall Charlo KO Julian Williams

Dallas Orysiuk (@Chargers204)

For me the knockout of the year is not because we didn’t see it coming but because it was so brutal. Since the fight was signed everyone knew Canelo would knock out Khan, but I don’t think we knew how devastating the knockout would be. In round 6 Khan threw a lazy jab and Canelo timed it perfectly coming in with a beautiful overhand right which sent Khan flailing to the canvas. Amir Khan was out by the time he hit the canvas and Canelo was the first one to check on him, showing a genuine look of concern. It was so brutal that Canelo and many of those watching were worried for Khan’s safety, that is why Canelo’s knockout of Amir Khan is the knockout of 2016.

Knockout of the Year – Canelo Alvarez KO Amir Khan


Canelo Alvarez Knockouts Amir Khan

Jake Collins (@MelancholyFolly)

I can’t look beyond my new personal hero Joe Smith Jr against Hopkins for this. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a savage KO where a genuine legend gets knocked through the ropes like that in such an emphatic way. Initially, I felt harsh picking this given B-Hop’s age but he tried to claim that he was pushed out of the ring by Smith Jr, so my remorse was ephemeral. Honorable mention to N’Dam for his stunningly vicious KO of Blanco, unfortunately for him (he’ll be devastated I’m sure) it doesn’t pip what will be an iconic end to Hopkins’ career.

Knockout of the Year – Joe Smith Jr. KO Bernard Hopkins

Tony McLean (@Tony_McLean92)

Vasyl Lomachenkos KO over the highly-rated Roman ‘Rocky’ Martinez has to be at the top of my list for best 2016 knockouts. Lomachenko – regarded as one of the finest amateur boxers of all time claimed the WBO super featherweight title back in June. Lomachenko (who already had the WBO title at featherweight) moved up to super featherweight to face Martinez. The Ukrainian’s high skill levels were already well known due to his amateur resume but in the Martinez fight Lomachenko made it clear that he carried thunderous power. He started the fight well and as the rounds progressed and he settled in he only got better. His speed, footwork and movement were all a delight to watch especially when all of these were setting up beautifully timed combinations. The Finish – 1 stiff jab, 2 perfectly timed straight left hands followed by a beautiful left uppercut which set up the devastating right hook that sent Martinez to the canvas. Lomachenko now 7-1 after dismantling Nicholas Walters has rumoured to be looking to avenge his only defeat to Mexico’s Orlando Solido. Hopefully we get the pleasure to witness this in 2017 as I think we would see a completely different Lomachenko to the one we seen in his second outing as a pro.

Knockout of the Year – Vasyl Lomachenko KO


Vasyl Lomachenko celebrates after knocking out Roman Martinez

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