FirstClassBoxing Caught Up With Lisa McClellan – Sister of Two Time Middlweight Champion Gerald McClellan


Gerald McClellan

By Allan McGoldrick (@AMCGUK)

Twenty two years ago boxing should never forget the tragic events that unfolded inside The New London Arena in Millwall on February 25th, 1995. One woman who will certainly never forget is Lisa McClellan, sister of two time middleweight boxing champion Gerald McClellan.

A contest in which “The G-Man” was up against the UK’s “Dark Destroyer” Nigel Benn for the WBC Super Middleweight belt tragically ending with McClellan being counted out in the 10th round and being left permanently disabled with no eye sight impaired hearing and now in a wheel chair.

Gerald who will be 50 years old this October receives 24hr care from his family and much has been document of that night in 1995, First Class Boxing caught up with Lisa to see how the family was now in 2017.

Lisa thank you for taking time out to speak to First Class Boxing.

“How is Gerald and the McClellan family currently Lisa”

Lisa McClellan
“Gerald is doing very well thank you”

“Since Gerald’s honorary funding dinner in Freeport Illinois in 2015 how has funding progressed to help Gerald and the family to care for him?”

“Funding was kinda slow until recently it has picked up”

“Boxing wise do you still follow the sport and do you believe safety has improved””

“Not lately we haven’t followed much of boxing”

“Do you believe there is enough after care or training programmes for boxers who exit the sport early?”

“Not at all – only help we have is from Ring 10 and yearly help from the WBC”

“Do you receive any regular visits from any of the boxing community now in 2017?”

“Unfortunately we have no visits from anyone in boxing these days”

“Recently announced Nigel Benn and Steve Collins have agreed to fight for a 3rd time both being over 50 (yet to be sanctioned) what are your thoughts?”

“This doesn’t give me a good feeling, My thoughts are for my health and Gerald’s and feel Gerald has been forgotten by a sport that he so loved! and nearly gave his life for, just feeling a bit bitter at the moment and thank you for thinking of him we have asked across our Twitter if Nigel Benn can follow our official account as we would like to catch up – @GeraldGManBoxer

Lisa it has been a privilege getting your time and we thank you and Gerald, please pass on our support and regards.

To help go fund the McClellan family who’s target is to reach $20.000 and is currently at $7879

Please visit and share the link below or visit Gerald McClellans official Twitter – @GeraldGManBoxer

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