FirstClassBoxing Team Give Our Predictions For Golovkin/Jacobs

IMG_0221This Saturday, March 18 from Madison Square Garden, Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, (36-0, 33 KO’s) defends his middleweight titles against Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs, (32-1, 29 KO’s). Jacobs is without doubt the toughest test Golovkin has faced so far in his pro career, but can the Brooklyn native pull off the upset and beat the Kazakh wrecking machine? The FirstClassBoxing give our predictions.

By Andrew McCart @Andy_FCBoxing

Can Jacobs beat Golovkin? Personally, I don’t think he can, but I do think Jacobs provides ‘GGG’ with is toughest fight to date and he will take Golovkin the distance. Jacobs is the bigger man and he does carry that knockout power at 160, but Golovkin has proven that if he respects your power (see Lemieux fight) he will quite happily box, jab and wear you down. I see the fight going the same way GGG Vs. Martin Murray, but with Jacobs hearing the final bell. ‘The Miracle Man’ will have his moments throughout the fight, that will get the crowd going. However, Golovkin will drop Jacobs a couple of times throughout the contest on his way to a comfortable points victory.

Prediction: Golovkin – Decision.

Jerome Souza @FirstClassBox

Gennady Golovkin is everything you can ask for in a fighter. Daniel Jacobs is a world class fighter who possesses a fighting human spirit which is an inspiration to us all. In terms of boxing, Jacobs is a bit more crafty whereas Golovkin is powerful. I believe Jacobs being an 8-1 underdog is absurd, but, I do think he is the underdog. Peter Quillin is better than all of Golovkin’s opponents and Danny took him out in one round. If Danny gets through the first two rounds without getting hit flush by Golovkin he will win the fight. For Jacobs to be victorious several more “if’s” would need to happen and I think they will.

Prediction: Daniel Jacobs – Decision.

Jake Collins @MelancholyFolly

I don’t really see what advantages Jacobs has over GGG in this one. I’m not holding the Pirog KO against him because he was a real good fighter but being dropped by Mora and struggling with Ishe Smith are my red flags. Jacobs hates pressure and that’s what GGG specialises in. His power is legit and he is probably No2 or 3 at 160 but I can’t give him more than a puncher’s chance against a superior boxer. I expect Jacobs to try and start very fast, get tagged by a few jabs and then slowly be picked apart. Jacobs to be folded by the 8th round.

Prediction: Golovkin – Stoppage.

By Dallas Orysiuk @Chargers204

Daniel Jacobs is skilled and a solid foe and he might be Golvokin’s biggest test to date; but that’s why Golovkin is going to bring his A game and take this fight seriously. In the past, Golovkin seems to have grown tired of mediocre opposition and has gotten carless, taking chances, fighting sloppily at times and letting down his guard… but not this time. Jacobs may be good, but Golvokin is elite. This is a fight where Golovkin will be fully prepared and ready to put on a show. I see this being an entertainment and competitive matchup for a while, but by the mid rounds Golovkin’s experience and elite skill will take over. Gennady Golovkin will figure out Daniel Jacobs in the middle rounds and win via a late round stoppage.

Prediction: Golovkin – Stoppage.

By Tony McLean @Tony_McLean92

Got to be GGG by KO/TKO in the later rounds as Jacobs starts to tire and lose confidence. I can see Jacobs starting well – staying busy and using his speed to his advantage, probably trying to swarm Golovkin like he did in the first round against Quillin. However when he realises that his punches are ineffective he’ll then get disheartened. Jacobs will loose confidence and slow down which will give Golovkin the opportunity to tee off. GGG has had over 400 fights between his amateur and professional career and has yet to hit the canvas. Jacobs carries a decent bit of power but I can’t see him being a huge problem for GGG.

Prediction: Golovkin – Stoppage

By Alex Beard @alex_beard17

It’s extremely difficult to make a case for anyone beating Gennady Golovkin because we’re yet to see any holes in his game. If anyone were able to slay goliath, however, it would be David Daniel Jacobs. The American has already conquered his greatest foe: cancer, and since returning to the sport he is undefeated. He has significant knockout power and is extremely athletic, while being a fully-fledged middleweight unlike GGG’s last victim Kell Brook. Brook did land some shots on Golovkin, though, and if the Kazakh gets sloppy Jacobs may have a chance. The problem will be finding a way to impose his game on Golovkin while avoiding his opponent’s excellent jab and ring-cutting skills. With that being said, until I see Golovkin tested I can’t pick against him.

Prediction: Golovkin – Stoppage.

By Andrew Sutherland @BigAndySuths

As ever when it comes to predicting the outcome of a Gennady Golovkin fight, I’m scratching my head trying to come up with any plausible argument I can make for this opponent, This time in the form of Danny Jacobs. Yet again, I can’t. Not only is ‘GGG’ a near perfect technician when it comes to ring craft, he also has the physical attributes that make him virtually impossible to beat. Power in both hands? check. A good engine? check. A granite mandible?… You get the picture.

Prediction: Golovkin – Stoppage.

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