Gabriel Rosado Scores Sixth-Round TKO Victory Agsinst Glen Tapia

1559EB01-1FC9-461D-92C5-6CCA22CF83C9By Michael Shepherd (@mshep10)

Park Theater, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino In Las Vegas- Former middleweight world title challenger Gabriel Rosado (24-11, 14 KOs) battered and stopped Glen “Jersey Boy” Tapia (23-5, 15 KOs) in the sixth round. It was Tapia’s fourth consecutive defeat since 2015.

Tapia started well in the first round and was landing his jab that kept Rosado back. Tapia was putting together some very good combinations that were landing and Rosado couldn’t get in close.
Rosado seem to change tactics and started to box from distance starting in the second and was far more active. Tapis was still picking his shots but was having less success now that Rosado and decided to box from the outside.

At the start of the third they were both trading heavy punches. Rosado seem to gain confidence in this round and was putting everything he had in every punch as he seemed to sense he could finish him. Tapia seem to tire and was throwing less and less. Round four was more of the same Rosado still boxing from the outside and looking to finish Tapia. Tapis needed more movement ads he was coming straight at Rosado who was just picking him off time and time again. In between round five & six Tapia’s trainer told him he needed more movement.
At the start of the sixth Tapia seemed to have taken that onboard but it didn’t last long as Rosado landed a left hook which put Tapia to the floor. After Tapia got back up, Rosado landed a barrage of punches that caused Robert Byrd to step in and stop the fight. Tapia looked badly hurt as he was bleeding from the nose, mouth and had a large hematoma on the right side of his forehead.

After the fight Gabriel Rosado said:

Tapia’s the type of boy that when you hurt him, he’ll come back swinging. He comes forward. It was very important to get the win. It was important to make a statement-to be impressive and to put myself back into the mix. I got to give Tapia props. It was the first time it hurt me to fight someone, he’s a good guy. He didn’t hide, he was swinging. I just had to take my time and be conscious. Had to throw those power jabs. He was wounded but swinging. I want Canelo, Jacobs, a rematch with Lemieux. I wanted to prove that I still had something, and we’ll see what’s next.

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