Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan Wants Chris Eubank Jr. Next

image“I think I’d knock Eubank Jr. out. I’d be very confident I would knock him out.” – Gary O’Sullivan

By: Andrew McCart (@Andy_FCBoxing)

A little over two weeks ago, Irish middleweight Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan went to Dublin, into the Lion’s den and emphatically stopped Dublin native Anthony Fitzgerald in less than one round.

While many fans and pundits were surprised at the manor in which O’Sullivan stopped Fitzgerald in his hometown, the Cork fighter wasn’t surprised at all at the earlier stoppage.

“No, I wasn’t really surprised.” Said O’Sullivan. “I had a hundred quid on myself that I would knock him out in the first round. So, I knocked him out. I knocked him out before in sparring in one round. I was confident, but you can never be 100% sure. You know yourself, in boxing, anything can happen.”

Before the fight there was some choice words said between the two fighters. With things getting even more heated at the weigh-in when O’Sullivan kissed Fitzgerald, which the latter returned with a slap. But O’Sullivan admits things are fine now between them.

“We weren’t really good friends before, but I would of spoke to him in the gym. We were on good terms when we sparred, then I knocked him out. He started calling me out and stuff like that. Everything’s alright now. We’re probably better friends now than we ever were… We sorted it out in the ring like men and it’s over and done with now.”

Immediately after the fight in his post fight interview, O’Sullivan made it clear that the fight he wants next is against Mathew Macklin. With the uncertainty on whether Macklin will ever step in the ring again, ‘Spike’ has turned his attention to someone else.

“I don’t see why the fight with Mathew [Macklin] can’t be made, if he continues to fight, I would fight him no problem. You know I would fight anyone, but I think he will retire… I would really like to fight Eubank Jr. now.”

The 30-year old is confident on what he would do to Eubank Jr., should the pair meet in the near future.

“I think I’d knock Eubank Jr. out. I’d be very confident I would knock him out. It will be good for me, as Billy Joe [Saunders] couldn’t knock him out. It would probably put me back up there and maybe get me another crack at Billy Joe. If he [Saunders] become world champion I would like another crack at him, yeah.”

Although ‘Spike’ wants the fight with Eubank Jr., and has made his intentions clear on social media, he doesn’t think Eubank Jr. wants to face him.

“He [Eubank Jr.] doesn’t want to fight me. He might be embarrassed into it though, because of all the people that want it. The public want it. I put a tweet up the other night there saying will you fight me and stop hiding behind your father.

“When Eubank knew I signed the contract to fight on Sky, he tweeted that he would smash me up and he knew that I couldn’t fight him. I even went straight to Frank Warren’s office and asked what Eubank was talking about, and that once I was finished with Fitzgerald I’ll fight Eubank Jr. then, but it never came through cause he got the fight with Billy Joe.

“With the Eubank jr. fight another reason people really would like to see it is because Steve Collins beat his father twice in Cork and that’s where I’m from, I’m trained by Paschal Collins as well… It’s a no-brainer.”

Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan is certainly a name to look out for over the next year, and a possible fight with Eubank Jr. next year would be another mouth-watering fight for the fans.

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