HAYE/BELLEW – A potential Classic British Tear up or a hyped disappointment?

IMG_0360By Adrian Patrick (@adepatrick11)

We’re only weeks away from the eagerly anticipated showdown between two intensely fiery fighters in David Haye and Tony Bellew. Due to vast public demand the British rivals will finally settle their feud on March 4th at the O2 in London. The pair have had their fair share to say during a very heated build up on how the fight will go but what fight are we actually going to see? A potential “classic” British tear up and fight of the year contender or another hyped up disappointment?

Don’t get me wrong, if the very few seconds it took for a punch to be thrown during their heated press conference was anything to go by then we are in for an absolute treat. But, I seem to have some annoying little voice whispering in my ear “your having a laugh mate, it will be over within the first!” And I just can’t get rid of it.. It doesn’t matter how many articles and write up’s I read or videos and clips I watch about the fight, I’m just not completely convinced.

Both fighters clearly have all the attributes needed to give us, the adoring boxing fans, an explosive spectacle but still I wake up every morning questioning this fight.. Am I missing something hear?, am I looking to much into it? Or am I just alone with my undecided view on a potential blockbuster?

As a Tony Bellew fan my heart is beating to the sound of a BIG win for the man from Liverpool, but my head is swaying from side to side with the motion of uncertainty. A newly crowned Cruiserweight World Champion moving up to heavyweight to face a man who has all the experience at the weight, who seems to of found a new lease of life under a new trainer in Shane Mcguigan. Let’s not forget, who conquered Goliath. Is it a step to far for Bellew or is Haye about to meet his maker? With all that being said, I do know one thing that is certain… all questions will be answered on March 4th!

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