Hughie Fury Interview



Andrew McCart – Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. First of all how did you get in to boxing? 

Hughie Fury – I’ve always been in to boxing since I can remember. I use to see my dad training and running and I always wanted to join in.

AM – you had a very good amateur career, can you tell us a little bit about that?

HF – My most recent win as an amateur was winning the world championships for England. I won gold and was the first heavyweight to do it. Tyson did the same and he got the bronze in his time. Before I was training with Team Fury under my dad, I was losing fights in a row. Then when I was 16 I moved to train with Team Fury and I haven’t lost a fight since. Touch wood.

AM – Well if you keep doing what you’re doing you might never lose a fight. You’ve had 5 fights as a pro with your 6th this Saturday, how many fights are you planning on having this year? 

HF – As many as I can fit in. I want at least 15, but it might not be possible so anywhere between 12-15 really.

AM – You are fighting again this Saturday do you know who you opponent is yet? 

HF – I’m fighting Tomas Mrazek who Tyson fought around his 11th fight. I’m looking forward to it

AM – You’ve just fought on Ch5. How do you feel boxing on a channel like Ch5 and do you think it’s a good platform for boxing? 

HF – Any TV channel is a good platform. Most pro boxers don’t get coverage. My second pro fight at Madison Square Garden was on Ch5, so it’s a privilege.

AM – I agree, I think it’s great when boxing is on terrestrial TV. Now there’s a lot of talk about Tyson and Haye at the moment. What’s your thoughts on the matchup and do you think it will happen? 

HF – Yes I think it will. I know Tyson wants the fight and Haye said he wants it too. Tyson won’t back out so as long as Haye sticks to what he says and they come to an agreement the contract will be signed and I should be on the undercard too.

AM – Fighting on the undercard on a massive show like that would be great experience for you. Ok looking at the heavyweight division domestically what do you make of the other British heavyweights at the moment? 

HF – They all deserve respect for getting in to the ring. Heavyweight division isn’t what it use to be when it was old school boxing, but me and Tyson want to change that.

AM – Lately you said you would beat Mike Tyson’s record and become the youngest heavyweight champion. Being only 18 and just turning pro can you see a title shot happening soon? 

HF – Not yet. It will happen when I feel ready. If I’m not ready it won’t happen so we will see what pans out. The more fights I have the more ready I will be. So that’s why I’m getting all my fights in. What other heavyweight fights every week or every other with training through the week.

AM – Not many my friend, and finally if you could face any heavyweight from any era who would it be? 

HF – I can’t pick there are so many I would like to share a ring with. Mainly all the old school boxers like Ali, Tyson, Lennox Lewis etc.

AM – Ok Hughie it’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you and thank you for your time. I wish you all the luck for the future. 

HF – Thanks pal.

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