Maidana grows frustrated of waiting on Broner

By: Dallas Orysiuk

Marcos “El Chino” Maidana is not the Pound 4 Pound best fighter in the world, but he’s a tough rugged customer giving anyone a run for their money.  Marcos Maidana is a hard hitting Argentinean who displays enormous heart and gives it his all every time he steps into the ring.  Aside from his determination, Maidana can be quite comical, as seen on some of his twitter rants toward his rivals.

Afraid of no challengers, Marcos Maidana displays the attitude of a true fighter, challenging anyone he can.  Last night Maidana took to twitter to push for a showdown with Adrien “the problem” Broner.

El Chino has been in five Fight of the Year type of fights: versus Ortiz, Khan, Morales, Soto-Karass, and Lopez.  All but the Khan fight, Maidana emerged victorious.  Marcos Maidana wants a title shot, and deserves a big money fight; hence the desire for a matchup against Broner.

Maidana has 3 losses, but in all of them, minus the Alexander fight, he fought his heart out and made them close.  And against Kotelnik many felt the decision should have been reversed.  Marcos is a humble warrior and is what we like to see in a fighter, he is afraid of no fighters, and doesn’t make excuses following his shortcomings.

Quite opposite of Maidana is Adrien Broner.  Broner is loud talking, disrespects his opponents, and nowhere near humble.  That is why it was refreshing to see Maidana call out Broner.  Following Broner’s victory over Paulie Malignaggi, Maidana used twitter to issue his challenge.  “I want & I’ll be welterweight champion.  If Adrien Broner is the champion then I want him!”  (@ChinoMaidana).   Marcos Maidana went on to tell ESPN Deportes “Everyone knows that I don’t talk much. I am the opposite of Broner. But in the ring you can see which of us speaks better….it would be a very tough fight, but I also know I can knock him out.”

Both fighters are promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, both campaign at welterweight, and Marcos Maidana is his mandatory challenger, so the fight should happen.  Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya even toyed with the matchup, “Broner vs Maidana anyone?” (@OscarDeLaHoya).

Very cockily, Broner said he would let the fans chose who he faced next.  The Ring Magazine website put out a poll asking fans who should be Broners next opponent.  Lucas Matthysse came in first with 45.2 % of votes; but it is clear Matthysse has his sights set on a Danny Garcia showdown.  The runner up was Matthysse’s countryman Marcos Maidana with 27.1 % of the vote.  So naturally this is the matchup that should occur (

But lately, aside from twitter, appearances at strip clubs, and rap songs we haven’t heard much from Adrien Broner.  Amid Broner’s silence, Marcos Maidana grows frustrated.  In an interview with El Chino stated, “We’re still waiting for Broner. We haven’t heard anything from him or his team. I think he has no choice to fight me because it’s such an attractive fight. I doubt he could move back to 135-lbs. because I don’t see great matchups for him in that division. Besides, it’s hard for your body to move back two divisions. But let’s wait.”

 Last night Maidana’s inner comedian came out, as he used twitter to continue to exert pressure on Adrien Broner, “Have anyone heard about @adrienbroner lately?  147 lbs or running? Just wondering…”, “they tell me broner is on tour?? what??”, “give the man @adrienbroner the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he retired from boxing and starting a new and safer career in music.  Good for him!!”, and finally El Chino tweeted “lets get this straight with broner.  If he doesn’t wanna fight me he quits the wba title and I’ll take care of him by buying his rap record” (@ChinoMaidana).

Some say El Chino is tailor made for the Problem; an offensive minded slugger who comes at opponents would be a sitting duck for Broner.  They say Adrien Broners speed and defense will be too much for El Chino.  But let’s get one thing clear, Adrien Broner is an offensive fighter who likes to walk his opponents down.  In the lower weight classes Broner displayed great punching power, but against Malignaggi his power looked average.  With a lack of footwork, in his last two fights against Rees and Malignaggi, Broner was eating punches.  Can you imagine if he took on a barrage of punches from a hard hitter like Maidana?  And being tough as nails, “the problem” might have a problem walking down El Chino.

Regardless, the fight should happen.  It pits two hungry fighters, both in their prime against one another.  It would be Broners defense, speed, reflexes and power versus Maidanas grit, power and heart.  But it is a wonder, will Broner take on a challenger as tough as Marcos Maidana?

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