Martin Murray up next for Chris Eubank Jr.?


Martin Murray next for Chris Eubank Jr.?

By Perry Lynden (@PerryLyndenldn)

Rumours have begun circulating again over a possible fight between Chris Eubank Jnr (24-1, 19 early) and Martin Murray (34-4-1, 16 KOs), both of these fighters have moved up from Middleweight to Super-middle and are not particularly big at 168 lbs. While Murray has not been particularly successful at 168 lbs, he does represent a step-up from Eubank’s last opponent and a victory over Murray could put Eubank in a plausible position to challenge for world titles at Super-Middleweight.

Murray has previously been enthusiastic about a fight with Chris Eubank, offering to fight him on the Kell Brook v Gennady Golovkin undercard. Murray is an experienced fighter and a very tough man, himself nearly going the distance with GGG, however stylistically he appears tailor-made for Chris Eubank Jnr. Murray likes to come forward under a high-guard, similar in style to Nick Blackwell, assuming Murray sticks to his usual style then Eubank will be able to effectively use his favoured upper-cut and outwork Murray on the inside. Another benefit of this fight for Eubank is potential bragging rights, assuming Eubank could knock Martin Murray out quicker than GGG. This is a distinct possibility despite the fact that Eubank clearly does not possess the power of Golovkin, Murray has suffered two more defeats since that loss to GGG and the lacklustre performance against George Groves perhaps suggests that Martin Murray is showing the signs of his age. However I doubt this would stop Eubank from suggesting his performance was better than GGG’s.

A fight against Murray seems to make the most sense for Team Eubank, a domestic match-up against a very beatable opponent who may well hold the key to the bigger fights at Super-Middleweight.

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