McDonnell: Jamie Will Get the Credit he Deserves When he Beats Kameda Again

By Matt Bevan (@MBevs68)

Gavin McDonnell believes that once his twin brother, Jamie, defends his WBA bantamweight title for a second time against the highly touted Japanese fighter Tomoki Kameda, he will start getting the credit that he feels his brother deserves.

The European super-bantamweight champion will travel to Corpus Christi in Texas alongside his brother ahead of the rematch on the 6th September, although it has meant his title defence against Jeremy Parodi has had to be re-arranged for a third time, and will now take place in Sheffield on October 24th.

McDonnell I expecting Kameda to present a much sterner test for his brother the second time around, as the camp believe he underestimated Jamie before and he is expecting the same outcome as May, with Jamie once again coming out on top.

“Jamie should have got the credit a long time ago, but unfortunately that’s how it is with the smaller weights. He’s not a big name, although he’s achieved more than most fighters in the UK already, but he’ll get there.

“He’ll go over to Texas and beat Kameda again, and then he can stay out in America and take those big fights, as that’s where they are. It’s everyone’s dream to make it out there and there’s guys at both bantam and super-bantamweight who will want a piece of him. But I’m confident that he’s good enough to beat them all.

“I can’t see the fight being different at all. The only difference is the will to win for both of them will be bigger than before. They both have something to prove. Kameda took Jamie for granted last time and his pride has been dented from last time, losing his 0, but our kid will be going out there to show that he deserved it last time.”

The McDonnell’s have both made a change to their camps, after both joining Dave Coldwell at his Rotherham base. Gavin says a lot of the credit should go to Coldwell, who dropped everything whilst in the midst of Tony Bellew’s camp to join the McDonnell’s in Texas.

Now under a new trainer, new diet and intense strength and conditioning work, Gavin believes his brother is in the best shape of his career and will get rid of Kameda before the 12 rounds are up.

“We’re more prepared since switching to Coldwell because if you think about it, last time he came over with no warning and almost saved the day in a way. Those couple of weeks we had with him out in Texas last time may well have been the difference between Jamie winning and losing the fight.

“The way his weight came down and the way he stepped it up out there is down to Dave. He was much stronger and that showed in the last round, which won him the fight in the end, as he was really putting it on Kameda.

“Nothing’s changed in my eyes since last time, except that Jamie and me have switched trainers. If Jamie puts it on him a bit earlier than he did last time, I can honestly see him getting the stoppage.

“We’ve been doing a lot more strength and conditioning work, so if our kid’s got a bit more of a dig on him, he might get him out of there late on. You could see towards the end he was getting to him, so with more power in his shots, Jamie will be extremely confident he can do the job again, but in much better fashion than he did in May.”

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Follow us on Twitter @FirstClassBox

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Proudly sponsored by Trident Construction… For all your building needs throughout Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife

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