McDonnell Picks up the Vacant WBC Silver Title


McDonnell floors Sanchez in the second round

By Jake Collins (@MelancholyFolly)

Gavin McDonnell picked up the WBC Silver Super Bantamweight title last night after routinely outpointing the game but slightly lacklustre Jorge Sanchez last night on the Frampton-Quigg undercard. In doing so he has put himself in a position to be looking towards a world title shot in his next fight should he pursuit that route. Sanchez came into the fight a relative unknown and looking at his previous fights it is a wonder as to how he’d justified being in a title eliminator at all really.

The fight started with Sanchez flying out the blocks on the front-foot trying to apply pressure early on McDonnell. The difference in height and reach was apparent very early on, with McDonnell towering over the much more compact Sanchez. Gavin was forced onto the back-foot early on from Sanchez’s pressure but looked comfortable in doing so, using his jab efficiently to keep Sanchez from getting inside. A lot of Sanchez’s shots were quite wide and blocked by McDonnell, although the odd one might glance him. Moving around the ring and landing the cleaner shots, it was evident early on that McDonnell was the much sharper boxer; Sanchez it seems was a very much come forward type fighter and nothing else.

Sanchez hit the canvas in only the 2nd round following a lovely combo from McDonnell. A 3 punch flurry that went from body to head (ending on a clean right hand) put Sanchez down, although he was up and not seemingly too badly damaged. Sanchez continued to apply pressure and did seem to hurt McDonnell in the 3rd. However, McDonnell managed to establish the jab once more; Sanchez just didn’t have the ring IQ to get past it often enough. In fact, moving into the fourth, Sanchez really started to miss a lot more with his shots. Many of the middle rounds were duplicates of each other. Sanchez might have the occasional bit of success however McDonnell would quickly take charge again. McDonnell was doing all the right things but Sanchez’s lack of defence was quite telling. Too often his hands were low and he just seemed to try and lean out the way of attacks instead of using footwork to get out of their way.

By the later rounds it had pretty much become a routine affair. Sanchez did land a nice left hook in the 10th but had little else of note beyond that. Finally, the bell was inexorably rung and the judges all scored the result in favour of McDonnell. The fight was fairly dull in all honesty but that was always going to suit McDonnell. His lack of power was quite clear to see but with his height and reach he will prove to be a decent fight for most in the division.

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