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imageBy Andrew McCart (@Andy_FCBoxing)

MGM Scotland promoter Sam Kynoch has had a very busy first nine months as a professional promoter. Since their maiden show in Glasgow last June, the promotional company will be promoting their seventh show on Saturday night in Edinburgh.

“I’m really happy with how things have gone so far.” Kynoch told “Primarily we’re building up prospects who are new to the professional game. We do have guys who are a wee but further on. I’m pleased to have delivered for David Brophy, who had his first 10 rounder with his fight with Tobias Webb. Which was a good test for him and it was a stepping stone onto better things.

“For a couple of other seasoned fighters, I’ve got some exciting things lined up for them which will be announced soon.

“I’m really pleased with how things have gone, I think we’ve got a good standing within the professional ranks already… It’s all positive signs for the future.”

This Saturday night MGM Scotland and Kynoch will host their seventh show in Scotland’s capital city. The show has been named ‘Rise of the Champions’ and will showcase some of Scotland’s young talent and possible future champions.

“I think the bill is laced with guys who have the potential to go on and be champions. Closest to that is John Thain based on his record.

“The original top of the bill was Stephen Simmons against Paul Drago from Bolton. Who is an undefeated fighter. It would of been a brilliant fight to top the bill. For Simmons this would of left him within touching distance of a major title, but he has been forced to withdraw.

“The essence of the bill remains the same. With the likes of Lewis Benson, Stephen Tiffney, Tommy Philbin and all the guys on the bill have all got that championship potential and we’ll be looking to push the button with them this year.”

Boxing in Scotland has been doing great of late and is on the rise. With some of the top amateurs turning over to the paid ranks. With Scottish boxing doing so well, both STV Glasgow and STV Edinburgh will broadcast veteran Scottish promoter Alex Morrison’s show on March 18 at the Glasgow City Hotel.

“It’s great to see that level of engagement from the regional TV channels.” Said Kynoch. “We have done some work with them in the past. I’ve done some coaching videos for STV Glasgow, which was a good few years ago now. We’ve had Marc Kerr on the STV Glasgow late show.

“There is definitely a growing interest there and the fact they are covering Alex Morrison’s show is really positive for Scottish Boxing as a whole.

“We want as much exposure for our boxers. So finding a platform to televise our shows is something we aspire to and something we will get to.”

The last two shows MGM Scotland have held in Edinburgh have been outstanding in terms of an electric atmosphere, great bouts and the Edinburgh crowd can expect the much the same this Saturday night.

“The bill has been impacted a bit with Stephen Simmons pulling out and Gordon Brennan taking the decision to retire from boxing. But overall there is a good buzz about it. All the guys on the bill have a great following and people are starting to take notice of who they are in the professional ranks.

“This Saturday night people can expect another great show.”

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