MGM Scotland’s Boxing Dinner Club Report

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MGM Scotland’s boxing dinner club April 21 full fight card report

By Graeme Beauly

A balmy April night, and the sumptuous surroundings of the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow, provided the backdrop for the third instalment of the MGM Dinner-Club series.

Glasgow based promoter Sam Kynoch of MGM Scotland was able to showcase the established and emerging talent from his stable in front of a packed and appreciative crowd who enjoyed a three-course meal which preceded the Boxing.

The first bout of the evening, over six-threes, featured Glasgow native, Michael Roberts junior (9st 2lbs) who was keen to put another notch in the W column, following a recent draw.

Opposing him stood Lithuania’s Simas Volosnias, also 9st 2lbs and a frequent visitor to the United Kingdom.

Tall Roberts, a multi-titled amateur, who has father Michael Senior as a member of his corner team, controlled the six-threes from start to finish.

Using a swift and accurate jab to pierce and lower the guard of the man from Panevezys, Roberts set up his shots well, a neat left-uppercut in the first and a series of rights in the fifth, drawing applause from the crowd.

Opting to stand in front of Roberts the ever-present Volosnias did manage to score occasionally with wide left-hooks but Roberts’ deft defensive moves nullified most of these with the exception of the third round when a meaty looking example did land.

Sportingly both boxers embraced after the bell, with referee Kenny Pringle handing down a 60-54 score to take Roberts to 17-0-1 (1)

The second bout of the bill featured 2014 Commonwealth Games Representative in Edinburgh’s Lewis ‘Kid Caramel’ Benson.

The 24 year old, 5-0 (2) Benson who recently ditched his ‘bad boy’ moniker in favour the one given to him by former World Champion Peter Quillin, faced off against undefeated Lithuanian Edvinas Puplauskas over four 3’s.

Lively Puplauskas, from Kretinga (10st 6lbs), came to fight and whilst only a novice did show some ability. Taller than Benson, his long armed straight-rights did catch the Edinburgh man napping on occasion.

These powerful looking shots spurred Benson into action, tightening his defence and promptinghim to throw more combos, a particularly swift looking jab-left-uppercut catching the Lithuanians attention in the second.

From then on Benson was able to stamp his authority on the bout and emerged a 40-37 winner from referee Pringle, who scored the bout from outside the ropes, trialist Darren Maxwell being the third man in the ring.

Falkirk’s Steven Beattie (9st 13lbs) moved to 2-0 with the oddest choice of ring entrance tune since Scunthorpe’s Jody Lee Meikle swaggered into the ring to Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’, some time ago.

KC and the Sunshine Band’s ‘Baby Give It Up’ isn’t the most normal choice but it brought a roar of approval from Beattie’s supporters as he took on Sheffield’s Qasim Hussain, also 9st 13lbs.

Aggressive Beattie, who fought with a high and tight guard, immediately began smashing away at Hussain’s mid-section, a pattern he’d repeat throughout the fight.

Hooking off the jab and scoring well with flurries, Steven made Hussain hold on many occasions over the four-threes contest, incurring the wrath of referee Pringle, on more than one occasion.

Beattie, who has improved immeasurably, having sparred Frankie Gomez and Joel Diaz Junior at the Wildcard gym simply used his superior fitness and buzzsaw-like approach to emerge a 40-36 winner to close the show and delight his army of fans.

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