Q&A with Kid Galahad… Who Loves the Idea of a Featherweight World Boxing Super Series


Kid Galahad Q&A with Michael Shepherd

Kid Galahad 23-0, 14 KO

How did you start boxing and what age did you start going to a gym?

As a youngster I was always in and out of trouble. One day I was aged 13 at the local mosque and I bumped into one of my heroes – Prince Naseem Hamed and I told him I want to be a world champion like you. He said if you want to be a world champion you need to go head to the Wincobank gym and find a guy called Brendan Ingle. He will see if you have what it takes and if you do, he will turn you into a world champion. So I got into the car with my mum, drove around for a bit until we found it and the rest is history.

What was your record as an amateur?

I won 59 and lost 6

As an amateur was it always your dream to turn professional?

From the days leading up to meeting Prince Naz in the mosque, it has always been my dream to become a world champion, not only a pro but I also recognise that it’s the hard work and dedication that get you to your goals. I’m not just dedicated – I’m obsessed !

Was it tough to turn full time? Finding time between work, paying the bills etc.

Every decision in life is only as tough as you let it be. As my family have always told me- tough times don’t last, tough people do. I surround myself with only a few, but the few I do are strong people. My work ethic is strong. So no matter how tough the time, I made sure me and my team were tougher – I think that reflects in my fighting style.

Who inspired you to pull on gloves?

Prince Naseem was a huge inspiration to pull on them gloves but the inspirations behind me keeping them gloves on are Brendan Ingle and Dominic Ingle.

Who are some of the best you’ve sparred with to date & how beneficial was it for you?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had great sparring all my career. Jorge Linares and Lee Selby are both current world champions I’ve been in with and we had some great spars. The very best I’ve ever shared the ring with though is Kell Brook. He’s a different beast all together. Sparring has its obvious benefits, but we do things differently at the Ingle Gym and all the years of not just sparring but training there are what have shaped me and continue to shape me into the fighter I am.

What is going on with your boxing career now- Can you tell readers when? Where? And against whom you will be fighting next?

I have had my last 2 opponents pull out or be pulled out but on both occasions I’ve been scheduled on ITV box office shows. Both times we’ve had replacements come in and to me, it makes no real difference who I face because I always train to be war ready. I’m looking to get out again in early December and we’re currently working on an opponent and venue. The problem is finding someone who wants it as none of these other kids seem to fancy it.

I follow you on social media and saw you calling out Leo Santa Cruz, Abner Mares, Jo Jo Diaz, Carl Frampton, Lee Selby to join you in a World Boxing Super Series I am sure myself and all the readers would love to see that happen do you think there is any chance they will put together an WBSS at your weight?

I think so – why not ?? The featherweight division is stacked at the moment both domestically and internationally. I’m sure the fans would love it and no doubt the organisers too. The World Boxing Super Series is a platform that to some degree limits the excuses. If we all enter a tournament like that- eventually people will have to meet me in the centre of the ring and I personally don’t care where I fight, because as long as you got me in that squared circle – I’ll always feel at home!

Could you take me and the readers through a training camp week?

Training camps are a secret so you and the readers will have to tune in to my fights and see the secrets of my camp translate into the secrets of my success. What I can tell you is, nobody trains harder than Kid Galahad!

What ranks as your proudest moment in the sport?

Winning the British title would be my proudest moment to date. That Lonsdale belt is special and it was a great feeling. That was just the start though, I intend to add to that collection a few times over yet.

What are your hopes for the rest of 2017 & 2018?

2017 – I hope to finish the year with a spectacular performance and send a message to the fight fans and featherweight division.

2018 – I’m coming to take over the featherweight division – they’ve been warned, there’s a new Kid in town …and his names Kid Galahad!

Any short term and long term goals at this point, or anything that you would like to achieve in X amount of time?

You know the long term goal is to become a world champion. The short term goals I set daily , to ensure that yesterday’s performance becomes the standard to improve on tomorrow and the next day.

If you could talk to a young Kid Galahad what would you say to him?

Keep out of trouble, go find Wincobank gym and Brendan Ingle. I was blessed as a young Kid Galahad to have met Prince Naseem Hamed. I wouldn’t have any wiser words for him than the champ himself.

Who is Kid Galahad outside of boxing?

Kid Galahad does not exist outside of boxing. Kid Galahad, lives, breathes, eats and sleeps boxing…Too hungry to be ignored for much longer.

Any plans for after boxing?

I’m 27 so hopefully I have a long way to go yet in the sport. I don’t like to look too far ahead going from fight to fight so life after boxing isn’t something I’ve contemplated. Given how much boxing means to my life, I would probably want to stay in the game when I’ve hung my own gloves up.

Final words or closing statements?

Jo Diaz and Lee Selby – you’re the only ones so far who have come out and said you fancy a world boxing super series style tear up. If you’re as serious as your tweets suggest, get on the phone and let’s have your team and my team talking … I’m ready when you are!

For the fans – thank you for all the support and keep tuned in – were about to set this featherweight division alight!

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