Ray Beltran Interview: Talks About Burns & Upcoming Fight With Rocky Martinez

Ray Beltran Interview

Raymundo Beltran

Raymundo Beltran

By: Dallas Orysiuk

Ray Beltran, 28-6-1 (17 KOs) is coming off a controversial draw against Ricky Burns in a fight where he broke Burns jaw and many people felt he deserved the victory. His next upcoming fight will be a WBO eliminator against Rocky Martinez on the Pacquiao/Bradley II undercard on April 12th. Ray was humble about the decision of his previous fight, and took some time to answer some questions with me.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and answer these questions. I feel like I should be congratulating you from your last fight against Burns, myself and the First Class Boxing team felt that you won, and the majority of the public did. What were your thought on that fight?

You know, I feel good about the fight. It was a good experience for me. I’m not surprised about what happened, I kind of thought that would happen. It’s boxing, it’s politics.

When the majority of the public felt that you won, does that make it more frustrating, or is it okay that you didn’t get the win because you know that many people felt you should have?

It is frustrating… you fight, you work hard and want what you deserve and I deserved the victory. And I get frustrated because that was it, that was my dream and they took it away from me. Eddie Hearn took it away from me, he played the game. He just screwed me, you know?

Well you put on a good showing for the fans, and the majority of the public was with you, so now does that give you more motivation for the upcoming fight against Martinez?

Every time, every fight I get the motivation after a good fight, I get motivated and a lot of anger you know, but I use it in the right way you know… to train harder and make sure the next time I win. I take the good things out of it and the bad things I just let them go. I don’t let them get to me too much, if I keep some of it, I use it to make me stronger.

You broke Burns jaw, did you know his jaw was hurt?

I knew a few rounds later that something was wrong with him, but I didn’t ‘t know exactly what because he wasn’t really fighting like he was at the beginning, he was trying but he wasn’t really fighting though, so I didn’t know exactly what it was.

Do you have any specific strategy going into the Martinez fight and what can the fans expect?

The fans can expect a good show, I have no plans, I never make plans for my opponent because I don’t believe in that. I just train at the gym for any situation you know what I mean?

So you can go in there and adapt?

Yeah exactly, I can adapt, I can put pressure try to do different things. Every fighter is different; they might fight with some other guys one way then with me some other way. I can’t be thinking he’s going to fight the same way with me.

It’s a WBO Eliminator, so that means if you get past Martinez you will fight winner of Burns vs. Crawford. Do you have a prediction for that fight, and are you hoping its Burns so you can get your revenge?

Nah man I got no predications, I’m not a prophet, anything can happen. I wish both of them good luck and for them to put on a good show. I wish the real winner wins. But I think in this situation Crawford has more backup than I do, there will be some people behind him with power and connections, me I went in by myself. I don’t think they’re going to let that thing happen twice.

How will it be fighting on the Pacquiao/Bradley undercard at the MGM Grand?

I’m very excited you know, because it’s a big event and I get to be part of it. It is a dream come true for me, Manny is my friend and he’s my idol, he is one of the greatest of all time, so being part of that event is a dream man… a dream come true. I got blessed to train with one of the greatest, and it’s even better that he is one of my friends.

Has sparring with Manny Pacquiao and training with all of the guys at the Wild Card Gym made you better?

It makes me better, but what really makes me even better are the circumstances of life… the struggles, they make you who you are.

Do you have a prediction for Pacquiao and Bradley?

It can be by knockout, but it’s going to be hard because Bradley is not going to fight, he’s going to go and box. When you fight someone who is boxing it’s kind of hard to knock him out, because they are fighting defensively and that’s the way Bradley is going to fight. I don’t think he’s going to fight aggressively. But I’m going for Manny.

So finally, how did you get into boxing? And how old were you?

I started back in Mexico because my father was a boxer, my uncles, my cousins, so I got on the gloves. I was like 13/14, I trained when I was 8 or 9, but nothing serious. I really started when I was 13/14.

On behalf of First Class Boxing, thanks for doing the interview and I wish you the best. Anything you want to tell the fans?

I want to thank all my fans and all the people that showed me support. I am so grateful for believing in me and I promise that I am going to train hard to put on a good show against Rocky Martinez.

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