Return of the King?

IMG_0578By Perry Lynden (@PerryLyndenldn)

Former Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury is reportedly targeting a comeback after his UKAD hearing in May. Fury had won his belts in a 12 round decision against Vladimir Klitschko in 2015, however their rematch was eventually called off due to Tyson’s battle with depression. Fury is now claiming to have beaten his condition, and has resumed training.

Many of Fury’s fans are expecting him to clear up the division when he returns, however judging by recent photos, the Former Champion is far from fighting shape. Tyson himself claims to currently be weighing around 350 lbs. To put this in perspective, against Klitschko Fury weighed in at around 240 lbs, at this weight Fury was able to use his superior footwork to bamboozle the titles away from Klitschko. However with losing over 100 pounds by May will be next to impossible, especially if Tyson intends to lose weight healthily, for this reason I am doubtful whether May or even June is a likely return date.

Tyson Fury will return to a very different Heavyweight landscape, the belts having been fragmented since Tyson last fought and it appears to be a far more open division. The likes of Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker have reached prominence on the world stage, and both would provide stern tests for Fury if were try to win his belts back. After such a long absence, and especially after ballooning in weight Fury will certainly need a couple of fights before he is in a position to challenge for a World Title. Ustinov is reportedly a contender for Fury’s comeback fight, Fury having pulled out of their first fight due to his uncle’s illness. Tony Bellew has also been linked with Fury, on the back of his shock win over David Haye, however I can’t imagine this being remotely competitive.

If the same Tyson Fury returns the he provides another fantastic Heavyweight to add into the mix for titles. He is not your typical Heavyweight, relying on boxing skill, footwork and range rather than heavy-handedness of the majority of Heavyweights. Fury is also a giant, taller than both Joshua and Wilder. Fury also has a more proven record than any of the current Champions, although Joshua could match Fury’s victory against Klitschko in April.

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