Ricky Boylan Interview

Ricky Boylan - Photo credit: Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Ricky Boylan – Photo credit: Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Exciting light welterweight prospect and southern area champion Ricky Boylan has just recently signed with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom, and FirstClassBoxing had the opportunity to ask him some questions. Check it out.

FirstClassBoxing: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. First of all, it was recently announced that you have signed a deal with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom. How happy are you with the deal and how did it come about?

Ricky Boylan: Yeah I was over the moon, it feels good to be part of Matchroom. They’re probably the best promoters in Britain at the minute and fighting live on Sky Sports is only going to raise my profile and stuff like that… So yeah I was over the moon.

How it came around? Basically I won my last fight on their show, which was for the southern area title, and yeah we had a chat before the fight, then we sat down after the fight and Eddie sort of asked me if I would be interested in signing with him… obviously I said yes. We sorted out the contract and that was it really.

FCB: You are an exciting and undefeated prospect, so did you have any offers from elsewhere?

RB: Yes I did yeah. I had good offers elsewhere, but I just felt like Matchroom and Sky are the people to be with. Matchroom for me are the best promoters and fighting on Sky sports persuaded me to sign with them.

FCB: Eddie Hearn does work really hard for his fighters; getting guys like Tony Bellew, Lee Purdy and Brian Rose to world title fights. Is that your long term aim while with Eddie and Matchroom?

RB: First of all Eddie is a great promoter and in the meeting with him he just seemed really genuine. He just seemed real and we spoke about hopefully a British title towards the end of the year. We’ll just take it step by step… If I can get a British title I’ll be happy, anything after is a bonus.

FCB: You have just recently won the southern area light welterweight title. So when can we see out next?

RB: Well I’ve still got a perforated ear from my last fight, it’s on the mend though, it’s healing. So Eddie has said to me either I’ll be out February 22nd which is the Hull show or March 1st up in Glasgow on the Ricky Burns undercard. Basically we’re just waiting on my ear; if it takes another 3 or 4 weeks I’ll be out March 1st, but if it heals within the next week it will be February 22nd in Hull.

FCB: Can you tell us a bit about your training set up and who’s part of team Boylan?

RB: Alan Smith trains me, obviously Eddie Hearn now promotes me. Manager wise I’m signed with Steve Goodwin, but that’s just a temporary thing for my last fight. Eddie lamb also trains me, my strength and conditioning coach Gavin Lander… We’ve got a brilliant stable down there. There’s Bradley Skeete who’s the English champion, then we’ve got Johnny Garton who’s 10 and 0, we’ve got Lewis Pettitt who’s also southern area champion. Adam Dingsdale who I think is 9 and 1, there’s Lloyd Ellett, myself, Brett Bearsdon and Iain Weaver. So yeah we’ve got a brilliant stable. We are all up and coming fighters. It’s funny, we all boxed each other as amateurs, but now we are a proper close team, we’re like one big family down there. We’ve got brilliant team spirit.

FCB: The light welterweight division domestically is starting to heat up nicely, with guys like Darren Hamilton who’s just signed with Matchroom and Chris Jenkins who fights on Matchroom shows. So how do you assess the current scene and where you fit in?

RB: I think I’m number 13 in the rankings now, I’m sort of up there. Darren Hamilton he’s got one more defence of his British title before he’ll probably vacate it… I’ve sparred plenty of rounds with Darren, he’s a very awkward fighter. He’ll probably be moved on before I’m ready for the British title. But you’ve got 6 or 7 good boxers. You’ve got Chris Jenkins, John Wayne Hibbert who’s my mandatory defence for my southern area title, Commonwealth champion Willie Limond, he’s been a bit inactive at the minute. Tyrone Nurse, Bradley Saunders, Tom Stalker who has just left Matchroom… So yeah there is loads of us and we are all roughy at the same sort of experience and level. This year I think is going to be an exciting year for the 140 division. I definitely think I’m capable of winning the British title… I know I can beat most of them in the top 10.

FCB: You’ve talked about fighting on Sky Sports. So what can the boxing fans who haven’t seen you fight before; what can they expect from you every time you step in the ring?

RB: To give it my all… Always give 110%. No matter if I’m winning or losing a fight, you’ll never see me give up. Everyone says I’ve got an exciting style, I’m good to watch, I’m strong, I’ve got good physical attributes. I don’t want to big myself up too much (laughs). I look forward to fighting on Sky Sports.

FCB: Thanks for talking to us, we really appreciate it and we wish you all the best for the future.

RB: Yeah no worries mate and thank you.

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