Saunders Vs. Lemieux: Who Wins?


Billy Joe Saunders Defends his WBO Crown Against David Lemieux

In the early hours of Sunday morning, one of Britain’s finest but most unpopular boxers will climb into the ring against the hugely lauded David Lemieux. It might be safe to assume that a number of these British boxing fans will be hoping to see Lemieux smash Saunders to the other side of Christmas. It is incredible to believe that Saunders is actually one of Britain’s world champions, a number that seemingly shrinks with every passing weekend. The reasons for Saunders lack of endearment to the British media are obvious to see. He’s brash, disrespectful and he arguably fits the stereotype of a ‘traveller’ held by the prejudiced few. His son’s behaviour at the weigh-in against Monroe only exasperated this opinion.

Yet, it is this background that has cultivated one of the finest fighting talents from these shores. A culture that is scorned simply because it doesn’t adhere to societies expectations.
It did bring a wry smile when I read that he may be intimidated by fighting thousands of miles away from home in a boxing cauldron in Canada… the lad is a traveller, it’s like trying to interrogate a fish by holding its head under the water.

David Lemieux is a ferocious finisher and for this reason, he is a joy to watch. He is more than capable of putting his opponent to sleep. However, in transferring that power, he plants his feet and for a boxer of Saunders unique quality, this makes him very predictable. Saunders does not stand in front of his opponent with a peak-a-boo defence, absorbing the punches with his gloves. He makes you miss, and counters with a stinging shot whilst switching angles. He will not allow Lemieux to set himself. Lemieux may have the power of a Ferrari but in Saunders, he’s driving it around the proverbial traveller camp site, over big pot holes and mud which will never allow him to put his foot down and demonstrate the engines power.

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