Timothy Bradley Retires: A Tribute to a Great Fighter and Career


Timothy Bradley

By: Dallas Orysiuk (@Chargers204)

This past week the boxing world took a hit; with the retirements of Juan Manuel Marquez, Wladamir Klitschko, Takashi Uchiyama, Takashi Miura and finally Timothy Bradley. It is always sad when boxers of this caliber retire, but we must respect the blood, sweat, and tears they have put into the sport and the retirements are well deserved, especially for blood and guts warriors who need the rest. I’d rather see a fighter go out a little bit earlier than a fighter who doesn’t know when to quit, hint hint Roy Jones, James Toney.

Timothy Bradley is a fighter who knew when it was the time to quit. I’m sure he had a few more fights left in him, but Bradley has been in his share of wars, and like I said it’s better to go out too soon, than suffering the irreversible damages from going out too late.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t always a fan of Timothy Bradley. I was disappointed when the Khan fight failed to materialize from 2011-2012 and I was one, like many, who believed Manny Pacquiao clearly won the first fight in 2012. However, this is boxing, and bad decisions happen and there are a lot of super fights which have fallen through or were made too late. And despite the fact that he clearly lost the first Pacquiao fight, it was a lot closer than the Bradley critics claimed, and he did put up a good fight a long with another solid showing in the second rematch.

Following the Pacquiao fight, Bradley was facing a lot of demons and in his next fight with Rulsan Provodnikov, it showed. Timothy Bradley came in the fight like a man on a mission. Going toe to toe with a heavy puncher like Provodnikov would be suicide for most, but not Tim Bradley. It was one of the most exciting fights I’ve ever watched, with both fighters hurt on numerous occasions and both coaches threatening to stop the fight. In the second round Bradley was sent to the canvas and virtually out on his feet, and instead of going into a defensive shell, Tim Bradley did what Tim knew how to do best and that was fight. The rest of the bout was similar, with both fighters hurt and going toe to toe and was one I watched from the edge of my seat all night. The Bradley-Provodnikov fight was one that will be remembered through the ages and it showed what kind of warrior Bradley was.

Not only in the Provodnikov fight, but in many other fights, Bradley has shown tremendous heart, getting off the canvas to continue to fight and often win. Despite having very little punching power, Tim Bradley could fight. Not only could he fight though, Tim Bradley was one of the most underrated boxers in the game.

Bradley could fight on the inside, the outside, moved well, displayed a diversity of punching combinations and showed a ton of head movement. He wasn’t flashy, but these skills racked up a number of significant wins, giving Bradley one of the deepest resumes in the game with victories over Miguel Vazquez, Kendall Holt, Junior Witter, Lamont Peterson, Devon Alexander, Ruslan Provodnikov, Juan Manuel Marquez, Jessie Vargas and Brandon Rios, to name a few.

Timothy Bradley finished a tremendous career with a record of 33-2-1, 13 KOs and was an exciting fighter to watch; displaying underrated skills, tremendous heart and one of the best resumes in the game. The boxing world will miss Timothy Bradley. Enjoy your retirement champ, it is well deserved!

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