What the Pro’s are Saying about Golovkin Vs. Brook

imageBy Alex Beard (@alex_beard17)

Sugar Ray Leonard – “The general consensus is that he doesn’t have a chance, he can’t win, but he has to believe in himself. He also has to be in the best shape ever, capital E, to maintain the tempo and the pace of Golovkin. He has to be mobile, in and out, and try to confuse GGG. He has to do what he does best and be himself, but faster, quicker, smarter, more economical.”

Matthew Macklin – “I fought Golovkin and didn’t fare too well but hopefully I can pass on a few pointers to Kell and hopefully he can do a much better job. He throws his left hook very long and almost scoops it around. It’s almost amateur. You can’t allow him to read you. He’s a very intelligent fighter – not just a puncher. He never caught me with a big shot to the head but his jab is a ramrod. Kell also has a great jab so I’m curious to know how that’s going to go in the fight.”

Freddie Roach – “I think he’s way too big and strong for Kell Brook. I think Kell Brook is desperate to look for a payday out there. You saw what happened to Amir Khan and I expect the same thing to happen to Kell Brook.”

Virgil Hunter – “Brook’s going to have to take his game to another level because I haven’t seen a Kell Brook that I believe can beat Golovkin. I mean, I’ve seen him against Shawn [Porter], seen him against a few other guys, but I haven’t seen a Kell Brook that could beat a Golovkin.”

Paulie Malignaggi – “Kell Brook is a great fighter, and is one of the best in his weight at 147 pounds. He’s possibly also good at super welterweight. But in my opinion, Golovkin is the best middleweight in the world. I want to see him fight the best middleweights in the world. However I understand why he chose Kell Brook and not the others. Kell Brook is a big name in the welterweight division and no one wants to fight him. Brook also needed a big fight because he could not get his weight rivals. Golovkin and Brook each had the same problem in their weights.”

Chris Eubank Jr. – “I think Kell is just along for the ride and is just happy to be getting a payday and being involved in what he thinks is the biggest fight in boxing at the moment. He’s just there to take part. Brook isn’t going in there with the mind-set that I would go in there, which would be to destroy the guy. I believe Brook just wants to make sure he doesn’t get hurt, so I don’t give him much of a chance.”

Jason Quigley – “I think it’s great that Brook is taking the jump up to fight Golovkin, it’s taking it back to the great fights from years ago when they moved up and down weights to make their legacy. Brook has nothing to lose in this fight, if he goes past 2-3 rounds people will be impressed so it’s win-win for him.”

Adrien Broner – “It’s stupid. Kell Brook is a welterweight. I think it’s stupid when I look at him. But if Kell Brook feels that he is ready for this fight I just hope he is not going to be seriously injured in this fight. Let’s hope that he can do well.”

Ricky Hatton – “I understand why Kell took the fight – one’s for the payday. Two, he won the title, you want routine defences to put pennies in the bank to help yourself and family in the future. He’s done that now. Now, he wants to test himself against the best.”

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