Will We Finally See Canelo Vs. Golovkin

imageBy: Jake Collins (@MelancholyFolly)

To the surprise of no one, Canelo routinely knocked out Amir Khan this weekend after taking some time to adjust to Khan’s style.

This fight was an interim fight approved by the WBC before the winner is mandated to fight Golovkin. The issue prior was of course that Canelo (Or rather, Golden Boy Promotions) wanted the fight to once again be at a 155 pound catchweight, which Golovkin and his team were not interested in adhering to. To their credit, the WBC has maintained that – should an agreement between both parties fail to materialise – they would be willing to strip Canelo of his belt.

Optimistically, I think we’ll see the fight and at 160 pounds. In the post fight presser, Canelo (as tweeted by Dan Rafael) told journalists he’ll fight at 160, which should really send trails of jubilation the world over.

Canelo has gotten a lot of stick about trying to get the fight at 155 pounds, with people saying he’s scared to fight Golovkin. Canelo has faced plenty of top tier opponents already so there’s no real reason to think it’s an act of cowardice. Golden Boy would be the reason I suspect they’re trying to angle the advantage toward their fighter so dramatically. Canelo is big money for Oscar and his team; his suffering a bad loss against Golovkin would harm their income significantly. Plus of course, some years ago Golovkin said he’d come down to 154 pounds to fight Mayweather. So, that’s turned into a slight act of pissing in the wind. The difference being though that Canelo of course has a belt which is specifically designed to be contested for at a limit of 160 pounds, but that’s another story.

The WBC Middleweight belt hasn’t been fought for outside of a catchweight for years; the sooner that nonsense is rectified the better to be quite honest. Anyway, that’s a completely different matter.

I do think Golden Boy Promotions will push for an extra interim fight at 160 to allow Canelo to acclimatise. Whilst I think we’ve waited long enough for this fight, I wouldn’t be against an interim fight if Golovkin-Saunders can be made. That way the final showdown would be for every world title at Middleweight (Sorry Danny Jacobs, but your one doesn’t count).

We saw Lemieux fight on the same card as Canelo this weekend; I think that would be a very good fight. Not a fight I’d expect Canelo to be an overwhelming favourite for either, as opposed to the Khan fight which really was something of a farce. He was out on the deck for a long time and could have suffered serious damage against someone who is a much naturally bigger fighter in Canelo. Weight classes exist for a reason and it wasn’t that different to when total mismatches are scheduled for a dangerous fighter returning from a loss.

That being said, the bookies have an interesting perspective on the fight. By their odds, Khan had more chance of a win against Canelo than Canelo does against Golovkin. Some websites have Golovkin as a 1/6 favourite already. I wonder if the odds for two pound-for-pound talents have been that lopsided before?

We’ve a plethora of reasons to be grumpy as boxing fans. There’s ugly politics, terrible decisions (two judges had Canelo up at the time of the stoppage against Khan) and fights we should see but never get to. We have high expectations and then end up with an inexorably poor fight, then we wonder why we watch the sport at all.

Every so often, things live up to the hype. Things just gel together and we’re reminded that boxing is the best sport in the world. I’m going to be an optimist and say we’ll see Canleo-Golovkin within 12 months. Mexicans are proud people and Canelo will not want to be stripped for failing to avoid a fighter with another monster in the division. Plus, for all the talk that Golovkin “NEEDS” this fight with Canelo as he can’t get another fight this big… well, there isn’t anything bigger out there for Canelo either. Golovkin didn’t fight this weekend and I’d go on a limb to say he was the second most mentioned fighter this weekend. Golden Boy can’t ignore the size of the fight and it really doesn’t require ‘marinating’ any further. It’s probably the largest fight that can be made in the sport and I be praying at every single religious institute I can find for it.

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