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  1. Nathan Pritchard

    I am an aspiring boxing writer.. Currently working in the Midlands area covering local shows. I am keen to try and build up my experience. Would be a great help if you had any advice or suggestions?


    Nathan Pritchard

  2. Tony Samboras

    My name is Tony Samboras and I would like to contribute article to your website. I was thinking of writing an article about Boxing rumor, history, sport marketing, controversial, fight review and preview etc..Please let me know if you are interested. Also I would like to know if i am allowed to put any links on my published articles.
    Thank you
    Tony Samboras

  3. Chris Eubank Sr on Joe Calzaghe, Carl Froch and all-time greatness!

    Corresponding with the former WBO World Middle/Super Middle King of the 1990s via email address on his verified Twitter account @ChrisEubank, Eubank fascinates me with his answers to questions regarding the all-time rankings, recently retired Carl Froch’s ability on a head-to-head basis with past British 168lb superstars, and much more. The opinionated ‘Monocled Mutineer’ never lets us down.

    Eubank on Calzaghe’s ranking:

    Joe Calzaghe is the number one top fighter in the history of the game. He beat Chris Eubank, Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones over 36 rounds when we each had one of our best ever performances left in us. He broke my all-time world record of consecutive unbeaten championship fights, and broke my all-time European undefeated streak. He collected all four championship belts at once. He never lost. Joe Calzaghe is the number one boxer, the top fighter, ever.

    Eubank on Calzaghe-Froch:

    Calzaghe would’ve won every round against Carl Froch because it’s just basic math; it’s 4 to 1. It’s a simple matter of speed. And Carl won’t mind me saying that because Carl is a gentleman.

    Eubank on Froch vs Benn/Eubank/Watson/Collins:

    I have to be very careful what I say. But any fight with Nigel Benn 100% depends on whether the opponent can absorb the hardest head punch they’ve ever been hit with, unless Benn went in with the attitude he went in with against Watson and Malinga which was to throw at arms and elbows until burn-out, in a demented fashion, with no focus on defense. So whether Carl would absorb Nigel’s punch, I don’t know. But I doubt it.

    Carl isn’t the most finesse of boxers and doesn’t like a mover. He has long arms so struggles inside. What did I possess? Dexterious foot movement and complexity of short punch. You can draw your own conclusion.

    Michael Watson in our second fight, his sole fight at super-middle, was physically unbeatable. I had to tap into the supernatural to beat him. Whether Carl has a Samurai sleeping inside of him, I don’t know, and I would doubt that.

    I think Carl and Collins could be a messy war, but Carl has the better jab, better reach and better composure, so if he stood his ground and boxed and flurried, he could outbox Collins while not being outworked. So I would lean toward Froch on that one because Steve Collins couldn’t break an egg!

    Eubank on Roy Jones Jr’s rating:

    I believe the best fighter in the history of boxing was most likely Roy Jones, but it’s unfair to make that a statement because we don’t know for sure. But Sugar Ray Robinson, Mike McCallum, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Louis, Billy Conn, Henry Armstrong, Floyd Patterson and Herol Graham wouldn’t mind me saying that because they were gentlemen.

    However, Floyd Mayweather Jr, James Toney, Duran and Whitaker might have an issue with it!

    It’s interesting that Roy Jones told me the only fighter he ever felt could give him the most problems was me, because my critics like to point out that I somehow ‘ducked’ him, but he was never my mandatory contender and Roy Jones was most wary of facing me than any other.

    Eubank on difference between ‘great fighter’ and ‘living legend’:

    There are many great fighters but only two or three in history have become a genuine living legend. Rocky Marciano, Nigel Benn; these are men who defied ultimate odds. When you would put your house on them losing, they found a way to win.

    Joe Calzaghe proved his greatness in his last two fights by getting off the floor in the opening round to punch Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones all over the ring for the remainders, combined with his off-the-floor, same-round-win he had in about 2003 or so and it equates to greatness.

  4. Floyd Mayweather: One Last time
    By: Alen Nezirovic

    It appears that Floyd “Money” Mayweather will be entering the squared circle for the final time on September 12th, 2015 against Andre Berto. Is the best pound 4 pound fighter exiting the sweet science or does he have more fights in him? He has plenty of opposition to move forward too, the likes of Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia and Gennady Golovkin, but it appears that after September 12th the best defensive fighter if he wins will exit the sport with an impressive 49-0. Floyd has beaten some of the worlds best including (De la Hoya, Mosley, Gatti, Castillo, Canelo, Cotto, Guerrero, Hatton, Marquez, Pacquiao, Judah, Ortiz, Maidana & many more) and has earned millions and millions of dollars, but in recent interviews the fighter has stated the he doesn’t enjoy the sport anymore or does he simply want to give other boxers a chance to take over the pound for pound spot? Only Floyd knows what his next move is going to be. If he does retire who will be the next pound 4 pound mythical king of boxing? There are plenty of takers who would gladly take that spot. The likes of Sergey Kovalev, Andre Ward, Gennady Golovkin, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia and dare I say Deontay Wilder only time will tell, but for now and while we still have him let’s watch and enjoy as they say “A genius at work” inside the squared circle for one last time or so it appears

  5. Hello,
    My name is Tony Samboras and I would like to contribute articles to your website. I was thinking of writing about Boxing fight preview, rumor, history, sport marketing, controversial, injuries, suspensions etc. Please let me know if you are interested.
    Thank you
    Tony Samboras

  6. I’m not a professional writer but I do have a massive passion for boxing having a short time doing it, Would love to be involved in the sport still and by doing this would be a privilege, thank you.

  7. Hello,
    my name is Dre and i am based in the UK. I am an aspiring boxing writer. I wrote an article on the legacy of Mohammed Ali, it is about his impact on every individuals from different background and ages. I have been a massive fan of boxing for years and it will be a privilege to have my work published on your site. Below is the link to my article, hopefully i will get a feedback from you soon. http://www.anopeneye.org/archives/3281

    Kind Regards,

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